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Ensuring Safety: The Importance of Fire and Escape Door Compliance in Public Spaces

  In February 2024, Ironmongery Warehouse conducted thorough market research to assess the compliance of escape [...]

Elevate your building’s ironmongery experience with Ironmongery Warehouse’s NEW SERVICE DIVISION

  We are excited to announce the launch of Ironmongery Warehouse’s NEW Service Division (currently only available [...]

Introducing Our Upgraded Ironmongery Warehouse Africa Catalogue 5th Edition: Your Doorway to Excellence!

Exciting news is on the horizon! We are thrilled to unveil the latest version of our [...]

Enhancing Efficiency and Precision: Onsite Service by Ironmongery Warehouse Africa for project professionals

In the world of construction, the collaboration between architects, quantity surveyors, property developers, and sub-contractors is crucial [...]

Black ironmongery is more than a trend…

We are thrilled to announce that Ironmongery Warehouse Africa is now stocking a range of [...]

Door Closers: Q&A with Nico van der Linde

Welcome to our blog, where Nico van der Linde, Ironmongery Warehouse Africa’s very own Ironmongery [...]

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa 2023 Trends

Ironmongery is the opening statement to any room, so why not make it a noticeable factor? While Semi-Matte Black is [...]

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa: Cape Town – on the up and up…

With a month down on the calendar already, we can see that 2023 will be [...]

The history and future of Manital in South Africa – Jonathan Wener

In the early years (1984), the start of my ironmongery career, the variety of exceptional [...]