Ironmongery Warehouse


Our Team

We have a dynamic team of 70+ employees, hosting extensive knowledge and experience in the Ironmongery industry. Our team can provide you with a holistic ironmongery solution, be it for home renovations or commercial developments. Each of our team members plays a vital role in the growth and development of Ironmongery Warehouse Africa and our clients that partner with us.

Our management Team

Jonathan Wener

Founder, Non-executive Director & Shareholder

The passion in Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with timeless experience in the Ironmongery game; Mentor; Visionary; Risk-taker; Door opener; Creative; Thinks with his left brain, envisions with his right brain.

Nevan Lucas

Founder, Executive Director & Shareholder

Loving Husband & Father; Innovative thinker & Strategic doer at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa; Passionate; Professional; Self-starter; Sailor at heart, and dreamer of the horizon.

Lara Otto

National Architectural Sales Manager & Shareholder

Super-mom and wife (because superheroes do exist); Female powerhouse at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa; Solution Seeker; OCD always; Client-centric; Investor in People; South African dance floor champion; Present…trying to be.

Grant Morrison

Financial Director & Shareholder

Doting husband; High–level strategic decision-maker for Ironmongery Warehouse Africa; Astute; Veracious; Creditable; Analytical; Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities; Able to solve a problem you don’t know you have in a way you don’t understand; Life’s KPI is to keep it balanced for a healthy ROI; Drinker of green T, lover of the outdoors, and seeker of values.

Johnathan van der Walt

Executive Director & Shareholder

Dedicated, Loving Husband and Father; Steers the ship at Euro Brass Cape Town; Strategic; Driven by results; Athletic by nature Team player by choice.