Our History: Opening our doors into the past, present & future

Ironmongery Warehouse was founded in 2008 by two driven and passionate individuals, Jonathan Wener and Nevan Lucas, in Jonathan’s garage. This partnership is finished with the perfect balance of age, vision and experience, and a young zest for success.

Within six months of establishment, Ironmongery Warehouse found its first home in Kramerville, Sandton, Johannesburg, which comprised of a mini showroom, warehouse and, office suites.

Jonathan and Nevan’s desire for excellence shone through, and is seen in the phenomenal growth of Ironmongery Warehouse. In four short years, they were looking to expand into a bigger space where they could open the door to new opportunities. They found the perfect building situated right next door, 3 Commerce Place, Kramerville, Sandton, where they have settled and currently call home.

In 2017 Ironmongery Warehouse Africa was formed, following the successful merger of Ironmongery Warehouse (Est. 2008) and EuroBrass (Est. 1999), as well as the introduction of a private equity partner in Growth Capital Partners. The strategic decision to merge the two companies was based on their success in distributing Ironmongery directly into retail outlets and the construction industry. This lead to the expansion of Ironmongery Warehouse Africa to Cape Town, where they opened up their doors to focus on professional architectural and project specifications at the tip of Africa.

The culture of Ironmongery Warehouse Africa is one of family, where they strive to grow and retain employees. This is a key component of their prosperity. Their “family” has grown from one employee (who is still with them today) to seven shareholders, seventy+ incredible employees, and an environment where a winning attitude can be felt and seen in the scope of projects that they have completed, and within their robust pipeline.

Johnathan and Nevan have always been actively involved in the daily operations of Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, and still provide their hands-on service to the industry. They owe a great deal of their success to their loyal and expanding clientele, who have helped them achieve growth and success beyond what they envisioned, and for that, they are exceptionally grateful.

Their vision for the future is innovative, and they see themselves continuously locking down opportunities and opening up doors into new worlds