Ironmongery Warehouse Africa 2023 Trends

Ironmongery is the opening statement to any room, so why not make it a noticeable factor? While Semi-Matte Black is still very much on trend, we predict the ironmongery trends for 2023 to be that of vibrant colours and the mixing and matching of old and new interior finishings.

We expect to see a rise in:

  • Bespoke finishings:

People are looking for more stimulation and are finding wow factors to be more visually appealing in a room. Yes, good old faithful ironmongery with satin finishes does stand the test of time and work with anything, but professional designers are looking more towards the extraordinaryCustom handles can be made up to match the aesthetic and functionality you are looking for.

  • Vibrant colours:

Spaces are being maximized by adding festive wallpapers and unique artwork in abundance, giving rooms a cheerful personality. Designers are looking to unleash their design impulses, so why settle for the standard? Ironmongery can be transformed with vibrant colours by powder coating them in most Universal RAL colours, adding to the modern maximalism of a room or space.



  • Sustainability and Antique finishings:

Sustainable living has been a way of life for a few years now, and with this, we have seen a rise in thrift stores and interior finishings that have produced a mix of old and new vibes. Items with an aged antique look and feel do not necessarily have to come from a thrift store. You can source materials that look aged. We can finish your handles in a light or dark antique copper bringing the old right back to the new.



We work with any aesthetic and can bring your design concept to life.

Lever handles, pull handles, and accessories can be electro-plated in various available colours.


Contact us to book a consultation with one of our Ironmongery Specifiers to bring your 2023 trends to life.

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