2022 New Year: Meet our team

Happy New Year!

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa wishes you an incredibly successful 2022, filled with mantras of ONWARD and UPWARD…

Our Team is Our Family

We have a dynamic team of 70+ employees, hosting extensive knowledge and experience in the Ironmongery industry. Our team can provide you with a holistic ironmongery solution, be it for home renovations or commercial developments. Each of our team members plays a vital role in the growth and development of Ironmongery Warehouse Africa and our clients that partner with us.Here is a little introduction to some of our amazing staff you have met along the way…

Intro to Jonathan Wener

Founder, Non-Executive Director & ShareholderThe passion in Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with timeless experience in the Ironmongery game; Mentor; Visionary; Risk-taker; Door opener; Creative; Thinks with his left brain, envisions with his right brain.

Intro to Lara Otto

National Architectural Sales Manager & ShareholderSuper-mom and wife (because superheroes do exist); Female powerhouse at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa; Solution Seeker; OCD always; Client-centric; Investor in People; South African dance floor champion; Present…trying to be.

Intro to Grant Morrison

Financial Director & ShareholderDoting husband; High–level strategic decision-maker for Ironmongery Warehouse Africa; Astute; Veracious; Creditable; Analytical; Surround yourself with assets, not liabilities; Able to solve a problem you don’t know you have in a way you don’t understand; Life’s KPI is to keep it balanced for a healthy ROI; Drinker of green T, lover of the outdoors, and seeker of values.

Intro to Jonathan Van Der Walt

Executive Director and ShareholderDedicated, Fun loving Husband and Father; Steers the ship at Euro Brass; Strategic; Driven by results; Athletic by nature Team player by choice.

Intro to Monika Steininger:

Branch Manager – Cape Town

Versatile. Humble. Confident. Focused. The heart and soul at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa Cape Town, with 20 years of industry experience. Live and work with passion and integrity. NEVER GIVE UP. People are the key to their own success, push them to be their best. Forward is the ONLY way.
Likes a challenge. Lover of motorbikes, dogs, and cooking. The outcome of life is up to you, open the accelerator and ride it.

Intro to Megan Adonis:

Operations Manager – Cape Town

Loving and devoted wife. Committed. Meticulous. Reliable. All-rounder at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa Cape Town, with 20 years of industry experience. Compassionate. Inquisitive. Productive. Industrious little bee (aka over-achiever). A career is like a baby, it needs to be nurtured. Introvert. Netflix and CHILL. Culinary queen. Live to laugh. Appreciate and be appreciated. Make the most of your day, the little things make big things happen. Be the person who makes people smile.

Intro to Daleen van der Walt:

Architectural Ironmongery Specialist

Involved Mom who nurtures with the perfect balance of no-nonsense and lots of love. A yes WO-MAN at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 20 years of industry experience. Customer service is key to a happy career. Relationship driven. Detail-oriented. Analytical. Information hoarder. Transparent (sleeves are made to display thoughts). Creative. Surprisingly introverted. A good book = happy days.

Intro to Kunal Deepnarain:

Showroom assistant & retail sales – JHB

Friends are family. Spontaneous but always prepared. Self-motivated. Charismatic. Confident. The customer experience at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 13 years of industry experience. Sales 101++++. Enterprising. Keep your eyes open and your mind active. Zen attitude. Persistence. Patience. Passion. Power is knowledge, knowledge provides solutions. An honest win is the only win. Ability to find the bright side in a dark situation. Social in a subdued setting. Social distancing = online gaming. Dabbled in Performing Arts, dabbling in Martial Arts. Train to adapt to any real-life situation, real fights don’t follow any established pattern.

Intro to Kyle Turner:

Technical Site Manager

Amazing dad and family man. Problem solver (fires are made to be extinguished). The KEY LINK in the chain at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 5 years of industry experience. Turnkey execution. Teamwork makes the dream work. Natural go-to-guy (the curse of the kind). Technical. Calm in chaos. Hands-on work ethos. Relatable. Dependable. Logical. Proactive, not reactive. Content. Golfer. Driven to the outdoors, except on Saturday mornings, strictly reserved for daddy-daughter ballet carpool.

Intro to Lazola Mpetsheni:

Showroom assistant & retail sales – JHB

Not just a good mom, a great mom. Welcoming. Polite. Respectful. More than a pretty face at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 11 years of industry experience. Ambitious. Passionate. Over punctual. Goal-driven. Level-headed. Forever learning. Proud. Work hard and the rewards will shine through. Sympathetic joy, aka: here if you need [Netball Jargon]. Fit, fast, and ferocious in Netball and life. Ability to work under pressure, even in the kitchen. Family = Support is everything = be there for each other. A mother who believes that her life’s purpose is bigger than being a mother is called big and lasting. #meettheteam #ironmongerywarehouseafrica #openingdoorsintonewworlds

Intro to Lucy de Villiers:

Architectural Ironmongery Specialist

Happy wife, and grateful for this life. CDO because OCD is not in alphabetic order. A perfectionist at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 9 years of industry experience. Customer-focused. Approachable. Committed. A knack for respectful persuasion. Emotionally perceptive & absorbent. Listens to understand, not to reply. Eye for beauty in all things well spaced & designed. Ability to reorganise a room with psychokinesis, lol. Playful. Passion for photography. Replenished in nature; wine & cooking for nurture. Cat mom. What is life without a good pun? …Not a pun one.

Intro to Michael Gweredza:

Architectural Ironmongery Specialist

Husband and a new dad who “families” with LOVE. Work hard to buy hard. Self-taught inspiration at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 8 years of industry experience. Executes life with panache. Go-getter (in all aspects of this glorious life). Self-motivated. Reserved. Ability to identify with all. Curious. Survivor. Lover, not a fighter (got to know your battles). Genes are filled with athleticism, but music is where the soul lives.

Intro to Nicky Cuyler

Project co-ordinator and researcher

Family Matriarch. Customer database guru. Project investigator at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 30 years of industry experience. Well-versed in all thing’s construction. Focused. Independent. Supportive. Persuasive. Super resilient. Iron-willed. Approachable diplomat. Bubbly. Social setting + A good red = Simply Sublime. A fantasy novel is a perfect moment out of the real world, yet the real world is full of magic.

Intro to Raymond Smit:

Architectural Ironmongery Specialist

First and foremost, FAMILY. Established contractor at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, with 11 years of industry experience. Passionate. Client-centric. Professional. Solution seeker. A master of all. People person. Social (in a current unsocial world). Grower of food that inspires the foodie. Golfer in own time, golf coach, and caddy in family time.