Welcome to our Blog…

We are so excited to welcome you to our Ironmongery Warehouse Africa blog. In these blogs, we are going to be discussing all things industry-related, not just ironmongery, which will however be a very important aspect of our blogs..

We are going to be diving into topics such as:

  • Industry innovations & technology
  • The impact of a beautifully designed product
  • Architectural & interior trends
  • Tips and tricks for DIY
  • Industry news
  • Updates on Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, our Team, our Products and Services

While we are locking down some great idea’s we have decided to kick off our blogs by briefly introducing Our Management Team. Click here to put a face to the description.

Jonathan Wener – Founder, Non-executive Director & Shareholder

Jonathan is the passion in Ironmongery Warehouse Africa, who has timeless experience in the Ironmongery game. He is a mentor to his team, a visionary, risk-taker, door opener, and creative who thinks with his left brain and envisions with his right.

Nevan Lucas – Founder, Executive Director & Shareholder

Nevan is a loving husband & father. He is an innovative thinker and strategic doer at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa. He is passionate, professional, and a self-starter, which can be seen in the work that he puts out.  On a personal level, he is a sailor at heart and a dreamer of the horizon.

Lara Otto – National Architectural Sales Manager & Shareholder

Lara is a super-mom and wife (because superheroes do exist), as well as a female powerhouse at Ironmongery Warehouse Africa. She is a solution seeker, always OCD, client-centric, and an investor in people. She is a proudly South African dance floor champion and tries to be as present as possible in this crazy life.

Grant Morrison – Financial Director & Shareholder

Grant is a doting husband. He is a high–level strategic decision-maker for Ironmongery Warehouse Africa and therefore prides himself with the characteristics of being astute, veracious, creditable, and analytical.  He ensures to surround himself with assets and not liabilities and can solve a problem you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.  His life KPI is to keep it balanced for a healthy ROI. He is a drinker of green T, lover of the outdoors, and seeker of values.

Johnathan van der Walt – Director & Shareholder

Johnathan is a dedicated, loving husband and father. He proudly steers the ship at Euro Brass. He is strategic and driven by results. He is athletic by nature and a team player by choice.

We hope you all enjoy the blogs that we will be sharing with you, and that if you do, you share them with anyone that you feel they may be of use to. Please also feel free to reach out to us if you have a topic that you would like to contribute to.

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