Respublica Student Living Features Ironmongery Warehouse Africa’s customized solution

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa provides a streamlined solution for Respublica Student Living – Student accommodation

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa has been servicing Respublica Student Living for the past seven years. This strong relationship and collaboration have been built on superior products and services since its inception.

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa’s Findings:

When Respublica Student Living took over their Princeton House building in Midrand, Ironmongery Warehouse Africa was able to identify two major problems that needed resolving to streamline the efficient running and maintenance of the residences.1. The lever handles initially fitted on the resident entrance doors kept breaking and constantly needed replacement and maintenance.2. Each door was fitted with individual locks and keys, thereby giving the student full control over the door and the occupancy of the room.

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa’s Solutions:

Taking into consideration Respublica’s budget and immediate needs, Ironmongery Warehouse Africa developed a solution that was perfectly fit for this project.

Since its inception, we have worked on multiple Respublica Student Living projects. Respublica is a live project where we are continuously improving and providing up-to-date quality solutions in collaboration with their budget and needs.

Ironmongery Warehouse Africa Architectural Specifier: Raymond Smit

Respublica Student Living, Manager – Properties and Development: Marius Hendriks

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