Spring Zincral – Linea Calì Lever Door Handle

The admiration mark of design.

Just as an admiration point (synonymous for exclamation) gives emphasis to a sentence, this unusual collection enhances all environments.

Characterized by an unusual design, the Spring collection for doors is easily matched with classic wooden doors and modern doors, painted in matt colours.

The vertical compression of the silhouette emphasizes the volumes and at the same time gives a strong three-dimensionality to the handle, while the ellipsoid stem intersects and is made perfect with the circular shape of the rose.

The particular thick chrome finish further emphasizes the forms of this unusual collection giving it a special brightness and an unusual but particularly pleasant sensation that is velvety to the touch.

Curious lines, vertically compressed, enhance all environments just as an admiration mark (synonymous for exclamation) gives emphasis to a sentence.

Linea Calì: we open doors in style.

made in Italy | patented design