Ala – Linea Calì Lever Door Handle

Launched in 2012, the Ala collection of door handles immediately met with great success thanks to its modern design and easy adaptability. The interest shown by buyers from around the world is due to its ability to fit in with various types of surroundings.

Ala, thanks to its simple yet elegant design, is perfect in both residential and public buildings. In fact, depending on the chosen finish, it is the perfect match for modern, painted doors with unpretentious lines, but also for more classical and traditional doors. The Ala collection of door handles is also a pleasant addition to the more recent flush-to-wall doors, emblems of the most pure minimalist design.

Ala is completely made of brass to guarantee the highest standards of quality that have always distinguished Linea Calì, quality that is felt “from the very first touch”.

Your hand glides over the handle like the wind on the wings of an airplane, but the conscious design results in an extremely solid, comfortable and secure grip.


Linea Calì: we open doors in style.

made in Italy | patented design